Zeepin Mainnet is around the corner🚀🚀, with it amazing opportunities for Zeepin, Blockchain fans and creatives🎨 worldwide!


Galacloud: Blockchain-based storage network

What is the Galabox? And Galabox Crowdfunding campaign

Important to note, that in the future, users who are interested in the Galabox will have to buy, so now is an amazing opportunity!

A total of 10, 000, 000 GALA will be distributed weekly to Galabox owners. 500 extra GALA will be added to each new Galabox added to the ecosystem.

GALA will be listed on exchanges in future.

Gala-hub Node Selection


Before I forget, you can earn GALA on CryptoGalaxy by holding ZPT there and get your share of 150,000 GALA daily.

In conclusion, what do I make out of all this?



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