Why you should be excited about recently launched LIQUID financial platform- Worldbook|Fiat pairs|Margin trading up to 25x|Lending #BeLiquid

Liquid is a Japanese project whose goal is to aggregate trading orders on all crypto exchanges, in one worldbook, solving crypto’s liquidity problem. Think about the convenience of no longer having to transfer funds between exchanges to purchase your favorite coin. In addition, Liquid plays a much-needed role of bridging traditional finance and crypto, by offering regulatory compliant crypto-financial services such as prime brokerage. To be able to achieve this, Liquid is JFSA licensed and also audited by Deloitte, a big 4 audit firm. Liquid supports all countries bar those in the FATF high risk list. Think of Liquid like Coinbase but available to investors from all over the world and has a multitude of features for both beginners and advanced traders.


🔹Trading- occurs with fiat pairs and not stable coins, like Tether.

Main trading interface-notice the spread on the image to the left is about $0.8!

🔹Fiat pairs available include USD, JPY, SGD, AUD, EUR

🔹Margin Trading — offered on a leverage of up to 25x

Margin trading landing page

🔹 Lending

Lending page

🔹 ICO Market- investing in ICOs

ICO Market with first ICO XAYA

Internal worldbook

How does the worldbook work ?

How the worldbook works under the hood

What is yet to be launched

What to make of all this?



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