Programmable Cryptographic Privacy on Polkadot: Manta Network

What are Zero-Knowledge Proofs?

ZKPs allow to prove honest computation without revealing inputs(zero knowledge). There are plenty of implementations of ZKPs, the most popular being zk-SNARKs(Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge). Today zero-knowledge is used for two main use-cases: privacy and scaling.


The architecture of rollups which are widely used in EVM layer 2 blockchains involves porting transactions from layer 1 blockchains to be verified on a layer 2 sequencer which offers a much faster user experience, and cheaper fees but with the added downside of less security compared to a layer 1 blockchain like Ethereum. ZK-Rollups offer scalability through batch transfer processing rolled into a single transaction.

Manta Network

High Level Overview

How a user mints a private token from a public base asset
Transfer of private tokens

Benefits of privacy to DeFi dapps

There are so many benefits of bringing privacy to DeFi that have already been covered by this blog on Manta’s medium.



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