If people spend this much time on their devices, it is only important to not only have them engage with meaningful content but to also create a healthy content ecosystem, seeing as is how integral it is to many people’s lives.

To put this value in perspective, we have to recognize that some of the biggest corporations in our time are technology-based. Most of these applications do not even have self-financing models but the amount of traffic they generate and the solutions they facilitate make them valuable in a different way, not valued in numbers. Take the case of WhatsApp for instance, valued at a whopping $19 billion at the time of its sale to Facebook in 2014.

Internet 2.0|Structures becoming shackles

The way information is shared on the internet is particularly interesting because of all the stakeholders involved. At the very least, there is an expected minimum for best practices from all the participants that is professional. The fact that it is unregulated, invites bad actors to take advantage of the lack of clarity. The digital economy is huge, there is no question about that, but when the rewards are asymmetrically assigned in a biased way, this causes a problem. A good example is the mechanics of how websites work. Most of us are able to keep up to date with the latest updates at zero cost. On the other side of the divide, most of these companies need capital to run on a daily basis, and to earn profit. Advertising, which forms the main component of the digital economy, offers a straightforward matchup between demand and supply. Add to this, the persistent inquisitiveness of government surveillance in our lives and we have a recipe for privacy invasion.
In retrospect, we discover that the problem can be traced down to the architecture of our internet today. All the data that sloshes around the internet is stored centrally and also has to pass through bottlenecks which are grey areas for corporations that want to reach too far. Blockchain technology has a solution to rebuild our disjointed online data marketplace. Media Protocol is a platform that seeks to bring value back to content creation and distribution by creating hard coded professional rules of how content is shared and how various stakeholders interact with each other.

Media Protocol| CryptoCatnip

Today, you can begin interacting with the internet in a new way thanks to Media Protocol’s innovative app, CryptoCatnip. It is important to note, that this is going to be the first of many apps that will be using MEDIA tokens. You can download the mobile application right now on IOS and Android and start interacting with the internet via a blockchain powered platform. CryptoCatnip’s innovative solution is created by the use of Smart URLs. Smart URLs are able to hold and distribute tokens, features that are activated depending on how the different stakeholders interact with it. Since the content is recorded on the blockchain, all aspects of it can be easily verifiable, the author, the history etc. By interacting with content on Cryptocatnip, you can begin to earn your first MEDIA tokens!

Blockchain partnerships

The content industry is a blue ocean of opportunities and Media Protocol has partnered with some of the innovative blockchain companies in this space to create a rewarding end-to-end ecosystem.



Other partners are:

✅Bluzelle- a distributed dApp database

CryptoCatnip partners



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