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Despite the overblown uncertainty in the crypto markets grabbing headlines for an extended period of time now, a lot of progress has been happening behind the curtains. The month of October has seen Huobi Group break new grounds in North America through participation in the San Francisco Blockchain week. Based in Singapore, Huobi Pro is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, numbering top 4 consistently in terms of liquidity and boasting excellent trading and custody of digital assets.

San Francisco Blockchain Week

The San Francisco Blockchain Week is an annual event that brings together the most enthusiastic minds involved in blockchain technology to review and discuss innovation in blockchain projects. This year the event was held between October 9 to October 11. Some of the notable attendees include Charlie Lee (Creator Litecoin), Vitalik Buterin (Creator Ethereum), Naval Ravikant (Founder, Angelist), Emin Gun Sirer (cofounder bloXroute Labs), Xinshu Dong (CEO, Zilliqa) and Ella Zhang(Head of Binance Labs). In total, there were more than 5000 attendees and more than 100 blockchain companies.

Huobi Group sent a high-profile delegation to the US for the first time that in addition to participation, also organized exclusive events. This is part of a long-term strategy that began with the opening of HBUS earlier in the year to offer Huobi services exclusively in a regulatory-compliant manner to US citizens. The end goal is to expand Huobi Group into the US.

The Huobi Group delegation comprised representatives from:

  • Huobi Capital

• Huobi Branch

• Huobi Cloud

• Huobi Next.

This delegation, together with HBUS held three exclusive functions to identify emerging trends and areas of opportunity for Huobi Global in North America. The three events are :

☑️Blockchain Cocktail Night

Held on October 9, together with Jlab and Token Foundry. An evening of discussion around matters blockchain will be spiced up by a keynote speech by David Chaum.
Cocktail program review can be found here

☑️Project Pitch Session

Main event for October 10. The panel will constitute Huobi Capital’s Managing Director Li Huo, Draper University’s VP Asra Nadeem, TechCrunch’s founder Michael Arrington, DDC Capital’s founder Adam B. Struck, Danhua Capital’s Managing Director Kevin Ding, and Head of Investment of FBG Nathan Li.

Program for the ended project pitch event can be found here

☑️Huobi Silicon Valley Meetup together with Danhua Capital

This will conclude Huobi’s events and will be held on October 11. A panel of Managing Director Li Huo; Huobi Eco Fund Head of Investment in North America Will Wang; Managing Director of Danhua Capital Kevin Ding; founder of Dragonfly Capital Alexander Pack; and Edith Yeung, partner with 500 Startups will discuss investment in a bear market; moderated by Coindesk journalist Leigh Cuen.
To review the event program, you can go here

What to make of all this?

North America is synonymous with harsh regulatory oversight however, events such as these and numerous others tell a different story; North America which is the hub of the Internet 2.0 giants such as Facebook, Google, Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, is buzzing with interest in blockchain technology. Indeed, North America boasts some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges today including Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitfinex.
The participation of Huobi Global in SFBW was not an exclusive event (bar the three Huobi sponsored events I have mentioned), rather part of a bigger move. Apart from Huobi Global, there was also a huge number of Chinese projects that set foot in North America for the first time. The success of Huobi forays into North America will promote borderless value transfer in the field of blockchain technology between the west and the east. In addition, investors in North America can also take advantage of investment opportunities currently exclusive only through Huobi Capital such as purchasing certain cryptocurrencies. This cooperation will promote ecosystem growth in general through transfer of value in terms of capital or much-needed blockchain talent, as well as academic breakthroughs of limitations of current blockchain technology. Hopefully, this sets the tone for future cooperation and participation.

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Full disclosure: This article is not intended as investment advice. It is just my personal opinion on Huobi. You should always do your own research. Huobi Global rewards me for writing this article and supports me for ventilating my own personal opinion.

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