I wrote an earlier article on DATx, you can read it from here. This article unravels information about DATx that was not covered earlier.

Initiated by Cosima Foundation and Avazu, a leading global advertising platform, DATx leverages blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data to create a unified protocol for blockchain based advertising. Blockchain technology can disrupt the current online advertising landscape in a couple of ways. The DATx blockchain will create a unified decentralized storage of user data, a central pool of user information that businesses can query from, cutting costs of the current disjointed platforms and ensuring accuracy in profiling user activity to detail. An attention based economy will incentivize users commensurately using decentralized trail and reward systems. To ensure sustainable improvement, machine learning algorithms will enhance and improved the targeting mechanisms. DATx can now be traded on HADAX, and will be represented at Blockchain Festival Vietnam by Mona Du.


Some of the qualities of the DATx blockchain which are designed for the advertising industry needs are specified below.

Transaction speed: 1 million TPS

Consensus mechanism: Delegated Proof of Stake(DPOS), for relatively quicker consensus

Data encryption algorithm: ECC 210-bit asymmetric encryption fundamental algorithm to secure data

DATx protocol ecosystem is made up of 4 key features.

Centralized/decentralized hybrid data storage

Assures stronger user privacy and security

User attention based incentivization

Opt-in and closed-loop feedback mechanism

Transparent Machine Learning algorithms

Higher ROI and marketplace efficiency

Decentralized audit trail and payment system

Anti-fraud and transparent


At the beginning of March, DATx successfully concluded tokensale of about 1.25 billion DATx tokens, raising 50,000 ETH in the process.

HADAX Listing

DATx was listed on HADAX on April 17, after it came second in HADAX phase 2 round one voting. Achieving such a high position demonstrates confidence in what DATx has set out to do.


Lockup of 3.5 billion DATx tokens until the main network DATxchain goes online. The mainnet is planned for release in Q3 2019.

DATx has incorporated about 450 million daily active users on the Avazu platform, making it the world’s largest blockchain ecosystem to date. DATx is accepted as token payment in the Avazu ecosystem.

DATx token is accepted on Game.com, making inroads in the gaming industry


DATx is working together with BITV, a live broadcasting platform, to inject blockchain technical knowledge and research on the BITV platform. Then, DATx will be the advertising platform of Bitcoin World, the first P2P trading platform with bitcoin collaterals offerings.


Rate3 is a decentralised dual protocol for cross-border payment and credit scoring, used by an ecosystem of merchants and customers. DATx advertisers can leverage Rate3’s network to improve targeting. Whereas Rate3’s merchants can utilize DATx’s advertising protocol to zone in on more targeted consumers.

Other synergistic partnerships established by DATx in the ecommerce field include projects such as CyberMiles, Giftos, CNN, AELF, Game.com and BITGUILD.

Progress of the DATx protocol can be followed from the Github open source address:



Core team members include over 80 engineers, product managers, architects and UEX experts and some senior executives from Avazu.

DATx advisors include

Blockchain Festival Vietnam

DATx will be represented by Mona Du, Global Head of Business Development at the Blockchain Festival held on May 25–26 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. She will be speaking as part of a panel titled “Disrupting Content & Advertisement Block by Block” with UUNIO, BigBom Eco and AirBloc. You can also catch Mona Du, this Thursday, 17 May live on Huobi Talk as she engages the audience about DATx.

Website: www.blockchainfestival.com

For more information, please visit www.datx.co.
Connect on Telegram: https://t.me/datxofficial01
Connect on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DATxOfficial
Connect on Medium: https://medium.com/@datxofficial
Connect on GitHub: github.com/DATx-Protocol
Connect on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DATxOfficial/
Read the whitepaper: https://www.datx.co/pdf/DATX+WHITEPAPER+(EN)%20V1.0.pdf
Meet the team: https://www.datx.co/#team



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