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Apex Network

What is Apex Network?

Apex is a NEP-5 project that can be traced as early as 2016, whose vision is to be the ‘Next-Generation Enterprise Blockchain Enabling Agile and Scalable Consumer dApps’. APEX plays a particularly important role in the NEO ecosystem in its quest to create the future smart economy, by leveraging blockchain technology to create the next generations of B2C applications for the Internet of Value which will be used around the world.

Today, when we talk about apps, most people automatically think about applications they download from the Play Store or Apple Store. Most of these applications cover service swap between enterprises to customers, conveniently at the touch of a button. It is the vision of Apex to be able to create the next generation of such applications that users can be able to use with seeming ease, and to improve on some of the default limitations within the current applications ecosystem.

Broadly, the most popular applications can be categorized into retail, information, financial services, luxury and lifestyle and consumer internet and APEX network has been tailored with robust tools that meet unique and shared business demands. Apex enables businesses in their day-to-day processes to collect data in a regulatory compliant manner and utilize that data to reward consumers or to draw valuable insights through artificial intelligence. All this is carried out on the blockchain by smart contracts, restoring value, trust and transparency between businesses and customers.

A quick snapshot of the progress of Apex Network.
Some of the current business partner that Apex currently has include the above.
Some of the recognition that Apex has earned so far.

Onboarding enterprises to blockchain

In addition to improved CRM customer experience, customer engagement and loyalty, other value propositions of Apex Network are:

· improved and regulatory compliant data security,

· Intelligent marketing and branding through new relationship with customers

· Easily manageable personalized customer experience

· Direct value back to the customer

· Cost control

· Restoring trust and transparency

Data Integrity

The creation of B2C blockchain applications are going to be a key area to watch in the growth of blockchain technology. The price explosion of blockchain technology has distracted the attention away from the technology. One of the standout criticisms of applications of the ‘Internet 2.0’ era, the likes of Facebook, Gmail, Amazon, Ebay and many others has been the use of our data, our privacy and its commercialization. The recently passed GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) laws went into effect on May 25, heralding a new phase of consumer data management by internet enterprises. Apex Network utilizes a novel solution that solves and ensures data integrity of applications built on top of its network the Apex Transactional Data Management(ATDM).

What is ATDM?

The ATDM enables companies to utilize a fully-compliant data management functionality for their consumer applications. Enterprises can now be able to utilize the built-in smart contract modules that govern customer interaction with the applications on things such as identity management, access control, and data encryption. No longer will consumers have to think twice about saving their data to the cloud because their data will be managed by a smart contract. Data records are stored in a DHT (Distributed Hash Table) cloud, where private keys matching the blockchain records are used for data encryption. Enterprises can also easily integrate the ATDM into their applications. Investors and community will be incentivized through transaction fees to participate in The management of the DHT cloud. The first applications rolling out the ATDM will be launched in Q4, this year.

Artificial intelligence

For artificial intelligence methods to be effective, the business needs to have accurate data. Apex is able to play an important role in this twofold process through its utility in ensuring data integrity and by contributing to the machine learning carried out on collected data, to draw valuable insights. Apex Network has developed a native artificial intelligence product named IQ which makes this possible. IQ will contain a complete suite of AI tools for any business that wants to leverage artificial intelligence in their business model. For those businesses that have already integrated artificial intelligence in their business model, the Apex Network will enable them to generate deeper analysis on their machine learning methods.

Customer Loyalty

Marketing is a key role of business’ success that is extremely costly while not generating commensurate results. To be able to create useful and working loyalty programs, Apex Network has functionality to enable tokenization of reward points(differentiatable for any business), which can be tradable on the DEX, and run on the network’s sidechains.

There are plenty of other components that can be leveraged to gain prominence among customers and reap maximum reward from B2C interaction.

The Blockchain ecosystem

To be able to handle the robust load on the network, Apex has some outstanding unique qualities include:

✅Use of enterprise sidechains. To facilitate scaling of the network, by the network and businesses launching dapps on top of it.

✅Multi-layered smart contracts. If the whole smart contract is stored on the main chain, it would clog the network, as evidenced in Ethereum. Delegation of the smart contract to be run on the sidechains, reduces this load.

✅Robust data connectors: enabling value transfer between dapps and other dapps and dapps and real life external systems.

✅Data transaction engine: carried out on the Apex Virtual machine, restoring trust between B2C interactions

✅Two fold consensus: Main network utilizes DPOS while side chains POS.

Apex Network will be a NEP-5 token at least until Q2 2019 when the mainnet is scheduled for launch.

Team behind Apex

Leading team members

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